Pre-Foreclosure Sale

So many of us believe owning a home is a simple process. They find the home of their dreams, get a loan, buy the house, pay the mortgage and live blissfully ever after. Countless homeowners have found out, the process can get very complicated, very quickly. If the housing market is struggling or the economy is doing badly, it can become challenging to pay their mortgage or sell their home. Because of this, many people have lost their homes to foreclosure in recent years.

Many Homeowners are not aware of their alternatives that every homeowner should explore more options before being forced into foreclosure, and one such alternative is the pre-foreclosure sale. A pre-foreclosure sale transpires between a cash buyer. They take all the risks of debt from the homeowner. They take on their debt and split the profits if the person is not too far behind on their loans. seems like a smart choice right. Why not get something. 

Why should a person lose their home and their credit causing them to be unable to find housing in the future, Possible y having to get a bankruptcy? Not having the option to buy another home. This loss can follow someone for up to 30 years. This is a burden. Turning a dream into a nightmare. Wholesalers can make this option seamless. 

Tax forgiveness

Another beneficial reason to sell while in pre-foreclosure; due to the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation, you are not required to pay capital gains or taxes if you sell your homes for less than you owe. This law relates to primary residences, even though some investment properties mortgages may be included. 

If you know anyone who needs help. Tell them to email us today. Let them know they have options to get free from this debt and move on with decent credit.